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Constipation Symptoms and How to Fix Constipation

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Recently, don’t you often feel that your stomach is bulging, and you have to stay for more than half an hour to go to the toilet, not only the stomach is super painful, even before you go to the toilet will be afraid? Constipation is common. Constipation is related to your diet, lifestyle, medication or illness.

What are the symptoms of constipation?

  • Force when bowel bowel
  • Stool hard.
  • Poorly bowed or poorly drained
  • Less than 3 bowes a week

How to fix constipation at home?

Drink plenty of water.

If you often feel dry tongue, the body is dehydrated and easily causes constipation. The study found that drinking soda is more effective in alleviating constipation than regular tap water, including chronic constipation and intestinal impatience. But remember to choose a sugar-free soda, because too much sugar does not help your health.

Dietary fiber intake

Dietary fiber is plant-based carbohydrates, we can eat more fruits and vegetables, cereals, nuts, seeds and other foods to ingest. Dietary fibre consists of soluble and insoluble fibre. Most fibre rich foods contain both, albeit in different proportions. Soluble fibers absorb moisture and produce a gelatous substance that softens the feces and allows it to be excreted smoothly through the intestine, while insoluble fibres increase the volume of feces and stimulate intestinal peristalsis, which also helps smooth excretion.


Exercise can speed up the time that food passes through the large intestine, so that the large intestine absorbs moisture from food is shorter, and the feces are less hard and difficult to excretion due to lack of moisture; in addition, aerobic exercise accelerates breathing and The heartbeat helps the intestinal muscles to shrink and let the feces flow out smoothly.

Drink coffee

Coffee stimulates the muscles of the digestive tract and increases the desire to go to the toilet, so it is recommended to drink coffee containing caffeine, the effect is better than drinking water and decaffeinated coffee. Coffee also contains decomposition fibers that promote the balance of intestinal flora and can effectively dissolve constipation problems.
If constipation has caused you, be sure to consult a doctor to identify potential causes and effective treatment. Healthy diets such as fresh fruits, vegetables and wholemeal foods; regular exercise; drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day can help prevent constipation in most people. Some patients are prescribed with laxatives. Consult a specialist to understand the principles of laxatives and how to use them safely.